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Aimee S. @petrogirl

Aimee S. @petrogirl

Los Angeles, California

“We drove to Lake Elsinore to get a carbon fiber wing installed on the R8. Want to thank Autobunch for the great customer service. They even called me to make sure I am happy with it. Customer service is key to retaining clients. If you want me to come back, show me you care…”

Audi R8 Owner / GT-Style Wing

Richard F.

Richard F.

San Antonio, Texas

“I want to thank Autobunch for delivering my new wing and splitter for my Audi R8. They were in constant contact with me through the process.  Autobunch worked well with GermanRush to make sure I was satisfied with the products.  Everything was delivered without a scratch.  I was so impressed, I will be a return customer.  Thanks Autobunch!”

Audi R8 Owner / HI GT-Wing & GR Front Splitter

Carlos M.

Carlos M.

San Dimas, California

“I am glad I finally decided to add the rear wing to the R8. The look of the Germanrush rear wing is phenomenal. It has a great look, matches the carbon fiber side blades perfectly. I would recommend it to anyone with a stock R8 that just wants to add a slightly more aggressive look that still looks stock!”

Audi R8 Owner / GT Style Wing

Calvin P.

Calvin P.

Lansing, Michigan

Testimonial Coming Soon

Audi R8 Spyder Owner / Rear Diffuser Face-Lift & Wind Deflector