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Nissan is resuming production at five of its domestic plants this Tuesday after Japan’s transport ministry finally approved changes to the improper final-inspection procedures that forced a major vehicle recall in October. The issue involved final checks being conducted by uncertified technicians, a procedure only mandated for vehicles sold within the brand’s home country of Japan. Exported vehicles aren’t subjected to it and, so far as we know, didn’t have any problems for having forgone the inspection.

However, JDM production has been suspended since October 19th and Nissan has scrambled to recall 1.2 million vehicles after being required to re-inspect everything built for the Japanese market over the last three years. That’s a large penalty for what amounts to little more than having the wrong guy eyeball a car as it rolls off the assembly line. 

The company has been incredibly apologetic on the matter.

Nissan regrets any inconvenience and concern this has caused to its valued customers and other stakeholders in Japan,” the company said in a statement form last month.

Since then, Channel News Asia has quoted the company as confirming it “has taken preventive measures aimed to ensure final vehicle inspection conforms with Japanese regulations.”

Unfortunately, the matter already cripple last month’s sales — dropping them by more than 55 percent year-on-year.

Nissan said on Monday that its factories in Tochigi, Fukuoka, and Kanagawa would resume production for the Japanese domestic market but its Kyoto Auto Works site is still waiting on ministry approval. There is no reason to assume it won’t have it soon.

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