Another day, another dollar.

Terry climbed into the silver Mitsubishi, and was off for an exciting day of working in the mailroom. Merging onto I-70, the little Mitsubishi sounded as excited as the driver. Emitting a little cloud behind him, he made decent time for rush hour. Terry grabbed a quick breakfast from the local Sonic, and continued to work. A dull commute, but Terry never was the one to really care. That’s how he lived life. Boring house, boring job, clothes from the local Goodwill, though he could afford new if he wanted. And, of course, the car. Over 25 years old, and he had some money set aside for when the day came. But, it served his grandmother fine before she passed, and was now serving him just fine. Every day, Terry could look at the new Audis on Denver streets, and think “What do they have that I don’t? We’re on the same road, going to the same places�. But, whatever, he didn’t have time for thinking. Off to work.

It was the end of the day, and Terry was ready to go home. He stopped by the King Soopers and grabbed a couple ham steaks and a few other things. Back on the road, Terry changed the radio station, picking up some distant classic station. “I believe there’s so much to believe in. So, lift your eyes if you feel you can. Reach for a star, and I’ll show you a plan….� Could be worse, life was good. And, Clarissa would be waiting at home for him.

Things then got worse- a lot worse. Suddenly, the engine for the Mitsubishi cut out, leaving Terry powerless on the Interstate. He threw the blinkers on, and tried to restart the car. Nothing happened though. Fortunately, the driver of an old Audi A6 was well versed in breakdowns, and knew what was happening. He slowed to make room so Terry could pull off safely. Terry tried to restart the Mitsubishi, but the old V6 wasn’t having anything to do with it. He was not going anywhere. He pulled out his cell phone, and made the call to his loving wife.

“You’ll have to call for a tow truck. Call Dave- I think he has an F250 and a flatbed. If he can’t come right away, I’ll throw on a pair of boots and pick you up. Just make sure you’re safe and let me know if you need me�

Terry made the call. Dave was an old friend from high school. This time of the year, things were busy though. He did have an F250 and a flatbed, but what Clarissa didn’t know was that there was a snowplow on the front of the truck. And, Denver was expecting snow that night.

“I’ll pick it up sometime in the middle of the night. I’ve got to go past it to plow the lot for that shopping center. Would you like me to keep it at my place for a couple days?�

Terry agreed that it would be best, and thanked Mike. “There will be a $20 in the glovebox I keep there for emergencies. If you want more, let me know�. Dave was the type who would never take the twenty in the first place. It’s what friends are for. Dave was already hating how he’d have to unhook the trailer a dozen times, but he’d never let Mike know that.

Now he called Clarissa once more and asked for a ride. It took her the better part of an hour get through the traffic, but the blue Altima was a welcome sight. The loving blonde helped Terry unload the stuff from the Mitsubishi- mostly extra fluids, jumper cables, and other tools that would help in a breakdown, though ironically Terry had no mechanical abilities and was broken down.

Clarissa merged back in traffic, and the two began to talk. “I think it’s time, honey. She’s served me well, but I can’t miss work. We have some money set aside, and you got the promotion last month. What do you think?�

“You paid nothing for that car. It’s been six years now. Tomorrow’s Saturday- you don’t have to go in, and neither do I. I think we should take a look tomorrow.�

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