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Honda concept quietly unveiled the Small RS Concept hatchback at the Indonesia International Motor Show.

This concept is basically a mini Type R. It has a large rear wing, LED daytime running lights, gloss black accents, a small air intake in the hood, side skirts, wing mirrors, creases along the sides, a rear diffuser, and unique tailpipes.

Black wheels and orange paint round out the look.

No word on technical specs just yet.


There are RS versions of the Jazz, Brio, and Mobilo available in Indonesia, but Honda hasn’t said whether this concept would make production.

One will notice that those three cars aren’t sold in the States (except for the Jazz/Fit), so it’s hard to say if a version of this concept would be sold in this part of the world.

Since Honda already sells a Civic Si here along with the Type R, and since the RS Concept appears to be based on a vehicle not already sold here (the Mobilo), the smart money says no. However, a hopped-up microcar with the RS treatment could be a lot of fun. Maybe they could just do a Fit Type-R for the Americas?

That’s the thing about concepts — ideas can be taken from one of an automaker’s global concepts and applied to another market. In this case, Honda clearly has taken ideas from the Type-R and translated them into the RS overseas, but the idea of an even smaller car getting RS/Type-R treatment could head back our way.

Who are we kidding? We just want a Fit that can be driven like a Type-R. Make it happen, Honda.

More images can be seen here.

[Image: Honda]

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