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A United States Postal Service employe was charged with hoarding thousands of pieces of undelivered mail on Thursday. The bulk of the load, which ended up being crammed into his Nissan Pathfinder, was comprised of more than 10,000 letters — a true testament to the vehicle’s nearly 80 square-feet of cargo space. However, more items were found stashed in his work locker and apartment. According to court documents, Aleksey Germash’s alleged dereliction of duty resulted in at least 17,000 pieces of mail going undelivered.

Earlier this month, the USPS’ Office of Inspector General received tip that there was an SUV parked in Brooklyn stuffed with mailbags. When Postal Service agents went to investigate, they found 20 blue post office bags holding mail intended for delivery to New York residents. 

According to The New York Times, Germash said he has simply become “overwhelmed” by the amount of mail he was expected to deliver but “made sure to deliver the important mail.” If this sounds familiar, it’s because there was a running joke on the NBC sitcom Seinfeld where unhinged NYC postman Newman frequently stashed mail because he couldn’t cope with the volume.

The issue is fairly common occurrence. Between October 2016 and September 2017, the U.S. Postal Service said it has investigated 1,364 employee mail cases and arrested 409 employees.

Some of the mail found in the Germash’s possession was postmarked as early as 2005. He was released on $25,000 bail over the weekend.

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